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FARM FAES-LAB: Animal Nutrition

FARM FAES-LAB is our laboratory specialised in animal nutrition, a technological space for innovation, with the most advanced technology, to carry out a wide variety of analytical tests and exhaustive quality controls. With a leading team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector and in the development of new analytical methods.

FARM FAES: FARM FAES-LAB provides the Quality and R&D departments of FARM FAES and our customers with a permanent technical assistance service.

We cover all stages of the production process, from the evaluation of raw materials and supplier approval, through homogeneity or cross-contamination studies, to the determination of the stability of the final product, the preparation of reports and advice on the interpretation of results.

FARM FAES-LAB: Animal NutritionFARM FAES-LAB: Animal Nutrition

Technology, with a T for Tecnovit

FARMFAES-LAB offers our customers the possibility of implementing an Annual Quality Control Plan (AQCP): a service that includes all the necessary analyses and studies on raw materials and finished feeds, according to their requirements and the demands of the different official bodies.

At Tecnovit, we are committed to the highest standards of quality and safety for our products.

For this reason, FARMFAES-LAB is characterised by:

  • A wide range of chemical nutritional analysis techniques being available, from the more generic ones such as moisture, crude protein, crude fat, crude fibre and crude ash, to more specific ones such as metals and vitamins.
  • NIR (Near-Infra-Red Reflectance) technology to quickly and efficiently determine the nutritional value and quality parameters of raw materials, rations and feeds. In this respect, we have 31 types of samples already calibrated and the possibility of developing new calibrations of the main NIR brands on the market.
  • Performing HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) analysis of vitamins in raw materials and premixes.
  • Carrying out chemical analysis of raw materials, feed and water using the different official methods of analysis.
  • Conducting granulometry tests, cross-contamination controls, developing six-monthly stability studies, etc.
Technology, with a T for TecnovitTechnology, with a T for TecnovitTechnology, with a T for Tecnovit

Pilot plant

FARMFAES-LAB also has a pilot plant that mirrors, on a small scale, the infrastructure of the Tecnovit factory. There we test new products and, together with the R&D and Production departments, we optimise parameters to extrapolate them to final production. This indispensable tool allows us to adjust formulations to customer needs and carry out prior feasibility tests.

External quality control

FARMFAES-LAB validates its analytical methods by participating in an inter-laboratory exercise involving other entities in the sector as well as accredited laboratories.

Pilot plantPilot plantPilot plant