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Tecnovit nutritional solutions

We specialise in creating tailor-made nutritional solutions to improve animal health and welfare. In an increasingly demanding market, we contribute to the production of high added-value animal feed with the highest eco-efficiency.

We are the best travelling companion for livestock farmers, offering a wide range of phytogenic additives, nuclei and vitamin-mineral correctors, specifically designed to ensure a positive impact on the health and performance of your animals.

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Tecnovit nutritional solutionsTecnovit nutritional solutionsTecnovit nutritional solutionsTecnovit nutritional solutionsTecnovit nutritional solutions

What makes us different?

We understand animal nutrition from a holistic point of view, involving the entire value chain of the agri-food industry. Going beyond animal nutrition, as our slogan says, means taking animals, people and the environment into account in each of our actions, with the aim of implementing sustainable and resilient production systems.

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What makes us different?What makes us different?What makes us different?

Species & Solutions

Animal production faces constant challenges affecting animal health, welfare and performance. At Tecnovit we provide innovative nutritional solutions with the aim of obtaining high quality animal protein with the highest eco-efficiency.

Our strategic lines are focused on responding to the demands of the sector in order to achieve ethical and sustainable production:

  • Optimising the efficiency of nutritional programmes for each species and production phase: making nutrient inclusion profitable and minimising the environmental footprint.
  • Reducing the use of antibiotics and other medicines: incorporating phytogenic additives as an alternative to traditional chemical treatments.
  • Improving meat quality: thanks to technological additives that extend the shelf life of the product and provide additional benefits for human health.
  • Using innovative alternative ingredients and by-products: favouring the circular economy and reducing pressure on natural resources.

We offer our customers a tailor-made formulation service and personalised technical advice to optimise zoo-technical parameters, improve production efficiency and maximise profitability.

Quality & Certifications

To guarantee the quality of our products, food safety is essential. For this reason, we have certified our management system under ISO 22000 and FAMI QS. In addition, we are certified by CCPAE for the production of environmentally friendly products.