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Swine production faces constant challenges that affect the health, welfare and performance of our animals. At Tecnovit, we understand these challenges and provide innovative nutritional solutions to overcome them, with the aim of obtaining high quality animal protein with the highest eco-efficiency. We offer our customers a tailor-made formulation service and personalised technical advice to optimise zoo-technical parameters, improve production efficiency and maximise profitability.


In addition, through our on-farm audit service, we contribute to the implementation of biosafety, management and animal welfare improvement plans. We understand swine nutrition from a holistic point of view, which allows us to respond to the growing demand for high quality animal protein, while promoting sustainable production systems.



Our range of nutritional strategies guarantees the requirements of breeding sows during gestation, farrowing and lactation, which is crucial to:

  • Ensuring longevity by reducing the replacement rate and the number of discards associated with nutritional deficits.
  • Obtaining good quality and homogeneous piglets at birth, reducing the mortality rate and the incidence of neonatal diarrhoea.
  • Ensuring proper lactation, avoiding pathological processes that compromise colostrum and milk production.
  • Minimising the weaning-fertile mating interval, improving the farm's production parameters.
  • Reducing vertical transmission of pathogens to progeny, optimising the growth potential of piglets.


Our range of nutritional strategies for the early years is specially designed for:

  • Enhancing intake from the start, allowing animals to express their growth potential.
  • Encouraging the correct development of the immature intestinal tract of the piglet
  • Promoting the establishment of a healthy microbiota and thus prevent the onset of digestive disorders.
  • Improving the physiological response to stress factors, minimising post-weaning stress syndrome.
  • Enhancing early immune response.


Our range of nutritional strategies for the growth-fattening phase is specially designed for:

  • Improving zoo-technical parameters in view of the limited use of antibiotics and metals on farms.
  • Promoting intestinal health, allowing animals to maximise their growth potential.
  • Optimising the digestibility of fats, reducing costs and safeguarding margins.
  • Reducing mortality and stressful situations.
  • Improving carcass quality and yield and extending the shelf life of the meat.