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Swine Nutrition Research Centre

Granja Saludes is Tecnovit's high-tech swine nutrition research farm, allowing us to perform a wide variety of tests on piglets and fattening swine:

  • Evaluation of additives and new formulations to improve production performance, intestinal health and digestibility, immune status, etc.
  • Development of early-age diets and evaluation of their effects on the growth-pregnancy phase, including weighing of animals individually or in groups and measurement of dorsal fat in each period.
  • Design of specific feeding programmes for each genetics and subsequent analysis of carcass yield and meat quality.
  • Evaluation of strategies to improve animal welfare, reduce stress and mitigate environmental impact.
Swine Nutrition Research CentreSwine Nutrition Research CentreSwine Nutrition Research CentreSwine Nutrition Research Centre

Facilities at Granja Saludes

The design of Granja Saludes' facilities enables it to comply with the highest standards of biosafety, quality and reduction of environmental impact, characterised by having:

  • A transition room with 16 pens and 20 animals per pen.
  • A fattening hall with 24 pens with a capacity of 16 animals per pen.
  • Automatic environmental control of temperature, humidity and ventilation.
  • The possibility to test up to 4 different types of feed simultaneously, as it consists of two machines with two feeding lines each.
  • Control and monitoring of the amount of feed and drinking water consumed daily by each lot of animals.
  • Slurry abatement system to minimise environmental impact and reduce odours.

Through this swine research centre, Tecnovit provides the FARM FAES technical team and its customers with all the resources to guarantee the development of innovative alternatives that improve the productivity of the swine sector.

Facilities at Granja SaludesFacilities at Granja Saludes